SOLWealth Strategies


Invest Your Money, Responsibly

We are bundling three equity strategies into one to help you achieve that goal.

ESG Best Ideas Equity

  • 30 responsible All-Star companies
  • Crafted to beat our custom index

Key Principles for Success

Our Investment Philosophy

Factor Investing

Follow a rigorous quantitative, evidence-based investment approach.


Beat the market over the long run with differentiated ESG strategies.


Achieve a sufficient level of diversification to generate value-added.

Low Turnover

Minimize trading costs to increase tax efficiency for our investors.

Proven, Consistent and Repeatable

Our Investment Process

Step 1
Define the ESG Environment

Companies involved in severe business controversies are excluded. Companies linked to tobacco, weapons, thermal coal and oil sands are also excluded.

Step 2
Identify and Create Factors

Review the financial literature to identify factors and use experience to create new ones. Assess validity and risk-adjusted return characteristics of each factor.

Step 3
Build a Multi-Factor Ranking

Select factors with the most desirable characteristics. Examine correlation among factors to determine factor emphasis. Put factors together in a ranking system.

Step 4
Apply a Set of Rules

Establish fundamental and technical rules that govern the ranking system. Buy rules are constraints for a purchase. Sell rules are conditions for a replacement.

Step 5
Construct the Strategy

Determine positions, weights and assemble a strategy with targeted risk-adjusted returns and portfolio characteristics that meet the needs for the mandate.

Step 6
Monitor and Rebalance

Incorporate a risk overlay at the strategy implementation. Track the ESG rating of positions. Realign the holdings quarterly according to the established rules.

Fees and Benefits

Quality strategies offered at a reasonable price

Tier 1
Invest $50K+
  • 0.99% Management Fee1
  • Guided rebalancing
  • Dividend reinvesting
  • Dedicated support
Tier 3
Invest $1M+
  • 0.75% Management Fee1
  • Guided rebalancing
  • Dividend reinvesting
  • Dedicated support

1. The management fee equals to the percentage shown above of your managed assets and is charged on a monthly basis.

2. The performance fee is paid only when the strategy’s performance is above 3% per year before the management fee. When the strategy exceeds this performance threshold, SOLWealth receives 10% of the surplus while customers retain 90%. The performance fee is an incentive for the portfolio manager to provide the best possible returns to its clients.

3. Both fees are paid out of your Interactive Broker’s SMA. All returns shown on the website and in our marketing materials are after fees. There are no other fees for SOLWealth clients (administrative, transfer, purchase or redemption).


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