Giving Back

“The best way to make a difference in this world is to give back. Why not build an asset management company around that idea?”

- Francois Soto, Founder of Factor-Based Asset Management


Why We Give

Francois Soto left his employer in 2018 to pursue his life-long vision of becoming a leader in the field of quantitative finance. He is channeling his efforts towards building from scratch a company with a unique culture and purpose.

Who We Give

Every year, we poll our clients on the top causes they would like to support. Once the most prevalent cause is known, we select the best charity based on results, transparency, funding needs, cents to the cause, and social impact.

How We Give

Our shareholder’s agreement states that Factor-Based will donate 50% of profits to charitable causes. The donation will be given to the charity of our choice after fiscal year-end, once our latest financial statement has been audited.